{ Ridgeway & Johnson: Illusions & Escapes }


An Evening of Illusions & Escapes starring Kevin Ridgeway & Kristen Johnson is a live theatrical spectacle not to be missed. The show includes the World’s Only Full View Water Torture Cell Escape performed by Kristen Johnson, a/k/a Lady Houdini, the World’s Premier Female Escape Artist. From breathtaking Illusions to death defying escapes including the Aerial Upside Down Straitjacket Escape from over the audience, the drama is mixed with the comedy and inspirational stories by Master Illusionist Kevin Ridgeway. The touring show is wrapped in intelligent lighting, incredible music and spectacular multimedia that all come together creating a feast for the senses.

"Your performances were incredible. Truly, the both of you are as great to work with as you are performers."

– Stephen King, Event Coordinator – Phoenix, AZ

"The Living Houdini"

– In This Week, Salt Lake City, UT

"You will be blown away while watching this death defying performance."

– Randell Collins, NBA Entertainment Coordinator